Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Big Thanks

A big thank you to Greg Bowles and his entire team for the development and presentation of this year's first NGHA Coaches Clinic. Excellent delivery of the key factors in developing and implementing a high level practice, as well as the valuable teaching and relationship building that goes into a positive team experience.

Thanks as well to the twenty plus NGHA Coaches that took time out of their busy schedules to attend last night's clinic. We are glad you had some time to chat and share some of your own coaching insights and experiences with your fellow coaches.
We hope that through Greg's practice you were able to observe what all of your coaching dedication and hard work will eventually look like when your now Novice, Atom and Peewee players end up in Midget.

We thank you all again for your participation and look forward to seeing you next month.
FYI, topics for upcoming clinics are being discussed and developed throughout the month. If you have any ideas for upcoming clinics that you would find valuable please leave a comment on the posting.
Any positive comments you have about last night's clinic are also welcome and are encouraged.

See you in the rink!
Coach Development Team

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