Thursday, November 26, 2015

NGHA Coach Development Session #2 - Defence Matters

Hello NGHA Coaches,

Our Coach Development Team is very excited to be offering you our second Coach Development Clinic of the season, hosted by Pier Martin who coaches our BCAA team.

This clinic will be held on December 7th, from 8:15 - 10:30 in the evening @ Nepean Sportsplex rink #3.

We will be starting the evening with a "Hot Stove" discussion session in the dressing room, followed by a 90 minute on ice session. An outline of the specialized Defense clinic is listed below. Also, Pier is completing his High Performance Coaching Stream, so not only is this an opportunity for great learning and sharing of coaching knowledge, but your attendance and participation also helps support one of our high level NGHA coaches.

We look forward to seeing you all, and hope that you will make arrangements for assistant coaches to run practice, or the bench if you have conflicts. This is a great opportunity for them to get an opportunity to "run the show"!

To sign up, please send an email to

  • Sessions will be limited to the first 40 coaches that sign up  
  • Send your full name, team level, and age group (Novice/Atom/Peewee/Bantam/ Midget)
  • Bring your gear for the on ice session (helmet, gloves, skates, and stick)
  • We will have a draw for "coaching" door prizes at the end of the evening so please remember to sign in when you arrive!

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Clinic Title:
"Playing Defense isn't just about backing up"

This sessions will explore the art of teaching defensemen in today's game. We will explore traditional drills that can be catered to defensemen and discuss tips and tricks to continually develop your D's without them knowing. Additionally, we will discuss and cover through drills, some concepts that will help your defensemen be more than an object on the path to the net. An engaged and active defense will lead to increasing scoring opportunities for your team!

Hot Stove Topic:
Goalies are key to the success of your team but we don't include them in the conversation. How can we better involve our goalies in practices outside of just "stopping the puck"?

 presentation will also focus on these 4 key topics
  1. Gap Control
    • What is Gap Control?
    • What is "bad" control vs "good" gap control
    • Show some videos of both examples and success
  2. Stick Positioning
    • Why is the stick important?
    • What is good stick vs bad stick?
    • Show some videos of both examples
  3. Pinning
    • Why do we want them to pin?
    • How do we teach pinning? What are the concepts?
    • What's the difference between Pinning and Body Contact?
  4. Pivoting and Protecting Middle
    • Discuss pivoting to the middle
    • Removing cross-overs from the game
    • Open hip pivots vs crossover pivots
    • Using stick to help pivot and at what stage

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